7 Landing Page Tests You Can Run Tomorro

7 Landing Page Tests You Can Run Tomorrow!
Apr 22, 2013 at 10:15am ET by Mona Elesseily

For many years, I’ve been participating in sessions/panels in which I critique PPC landing pages volunteered by audience members. As crowds go wild for this type of session, I’ve decided to use this space to focus on effective landing page elements and provide several examples thereof.
#1 Use Credibility Indicators

Include credibility indicators on your landing page such as testimonials, reviews, awards, social media information (Facebook likes, number of tweets, etc.), and seller ratings (on Google, this info is pulled from Bizrate and other rating sites).

Here are some specific ideas related to testimonials:

Use testimonials to reiterate your company’s core value propositions. For example, consider prominently featuring one extremely compelling testimonial, in larger or selectively bolded print, above a few smaller-print ones further down the page. Whether this featured testimonial is from CNN, NYT, or a particularly eloquent customer depends, of course, on your track record, business, etc.
In general, testimonials work better for emotional/personal/edible/retail items. Using citations in publications and expert opinions are better options for products like art, theater and software solutions.

#2 Incorporate Product Badging

In 3 Neuromarketing Considerations for Landing Page Optimization, I covered neuromarketing and how the reptilian brain prefers fewer options. A great way to reduce the number of options and highlight a single or only a few options is to use product badging. Below is an example from unbounce.com and they highlight the Pro plan with a “best value”:
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